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Cable Systems of Nevada offers residential digital TV, high-speed Internet and voice services in southern Utah. Our fiber-optic network allows us to deliver extremely fast Internet access, crystal clear high definition cable television (HDTV), digital telephone and long distance services. In Southern Utah we specialize in the Sun River development. We are the ONLY 100% fiber optic service provider in Sun River to every home. Great value for an honest price.


Crystal Clear HDTV

Our digital TV packages include over 100+ high-definition channels (HDTV), DVR, and premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz Encore. PAC12 Networks now on Cable Systems. Substantially more HD than our local cable company with better quality and smaller and less expensive set top box rentals.  We provide a single remote and configure it for your TV to simplify operation. New higher capacity DVRs with up to 250+ hours of record time on HD channels. (There is a small additonal cost for these higher capacity DVRs. Call and inquire)


The fastest Internet available hands down.

Our high-speed Internet service includes up to 80 megabits or greater (mbps). Higher upload speeds than others sometimes 4or 5 times faster. We also of offer email addresses at the local community email. Our fiber based service beats the competition hands down with the highest reliability with well over 99.99% availability over the last year.


Truly unlimited long distance no hidden taxes and fees.

Our digital phone packages include unlimited local and long distance calls, voicemail and advanced features including call forwarding, voicemail to email, simultaneous ring, and more.


Cost savings bundles with no contract requirements.

We offer competitive service bundling which saves you more money. In addition, we offer vacation service pricing for clients that are seasonal. We will forward your phone to your summer home phone or cellular phone. Receive your voicemail in email and more. We remotely an instantly can turn services on and off.


Service that is local and fast!

Fast friendly service is the hallmark of our service offerring. Our phone support and onsite support are the best. The unique fiber network is the key to our reliability and customer satisfaction. We specialize in SunRiver and the needs of a retirement community.


Fiber optics future proofs your home. As Internet applications demand more speed we increase the speed available to clients. We do not have to change technologies to bring faster speeds.


watchTVeverywhere is here. We started the process months ago and we are up and running. The number of networks we have authorized continues to grow. It takes months to get every channel online content authorized. If you have questions send an email to


We are moving our headend!

We are moving. Our location at Sunriver by Golf maintenance will be shutting down at the end of the year. We are in the process of consolidating our equipment in a new onsite cabinet and at our colocation facility. Our large dishes will be removed over the next 2 months as we work on gathering these channels at our Lake Las Vegas headend and sending them over our new network.




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