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Cable Systems is on its third generation fiber plant and continues to upgrade its equipment and systems. We have the experience with fiber optics that no company has in Sunriver. We have evolved and upgraded our major systems 3 times since 2008. We expect to change to our forth generation system for delivery of fiber service in 2017. These planned changes will involve new services like in home WiFi, faster internet service, wireless set top boxes, and more. 


We deliver our services over a State-of-the-Art network which we continue to evolve. Your internet usage has grown in Sunriver by more than 10 times since 2008. In 2017, we are working to post more notices and system information to this website. To better inform you on our efforts to improve the Cable Systems Surnriver system and services. We will take another leap in internet speeds this year to prove to our clientele that they chose the best system for quality service, responsive support, and tech support from US based personnel. 



January 2017 Channel additions. Entertainment,,,,,,, Sundance, IFC, BTN, CBS College Sports, DIY HD


1/5/17 IFC-Independant Film Ch 99/479 & Sundance Ch 98/449 new live channels


1/6/2017 KUEN is not a supported channel in Saint George by other providers. We have complaints about there poor perfiormance in transmission. Therefore, we are dropping the primary and secondary(Mhzworld) for KUEN which are SD channels. Once we can afford to add it to the SLC fiber feed we will reintroduce it to the channel lineup. Questions concerns send to



1/24/17 New channels going live today. 52/298, 73/481, 71/482, 76/487, 66/494 Justice Central 53/495, 68/496. These channels launched. DIY HD laucnched.


NBCUniversal has discontinued the CLOO channel. It is no longer broadcast. Esquire is scheduled to off the air in June July also. CLOO was removed from lineup 2-15-2017


CBS Sports network launched 2-15-2017. Great American Country HD launched 2-15-2017. Waiitng on a few more approvals for BTN. Remaining items American Heroes HD, Fusion HD.


2-16-17 We will be adding PAC-12 Oregon & Washington to the lineup. No ETA yet but should take les than a month.


2-16-2017 OWN ND coming soon also.





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