ESPN3 Web streaming of non-televised sporting events.

ESPN3 is a streaming service available at no extra charge to Cable Systems customers who have Cable Systems internet service. ESPN3 has many events that are available over the internet that are not televised.


Using ESPN3 is very easy in Sunriver for Cable Systems broadband customers. Open your web browser and go to http:\\


Review the page for ESPN3 events. Click on the event close to the air time and it will play.


There are two things you can choose to get just the events oyu are looking to view.


First select the Sports and Shows drop down menu. Then you can select the type of event. Secondly select the Network Choice drop down menu and you of course you want ESPN3!


Then the upcoming events will show below the menus. Click on the named event you are interested in just prior to the start of the event and it will come up automatically. If the event has not started it will let you know it will be available soon.


If you are trying to choose a provider from a list you have selected the wrong menu. Follow the instructions above and it will work without and name or password.




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