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Internet up. Remember 99+% of claimed internet outages are caused by the router needs a reboot or a GFI breaker in your garage tripped.


Always look at the indcator lights on your router;Know what they mean and it help diagnose the issue.





All in and outbound calls are working. International free long distance up.




All internal systems operational. HD-IPTV and Analog system.


Our 10 Gb connection to Henderson NV where we host several channels is down we are working with the carrier 


Outage affects TCM TNT TBS CNN HLN CNNi Boom Cartoon Cspan ATTSports HBO Cinemax WGN NBC Vegas TRUTV PAC12s

New Golden Knights channel (Las Vegas Hockey team) debuts on channel 102 this channel is affected.


4-19-18 8am Update from overnite a fiber cut has been found south of Nephi Utah halfway between SLC and I-70 on I-15. This is our fiber path to our Henderson headend where these channels are received from. Saint George to SLC and SLC to Las Vegas. The carrier has a large area affected by this outage and it is a high priority. The carrier is Centurylink. Servicewas restored by the carrier but we are still working with them to correct the circuit to full operation.




Local Channel Issues


All local channels are now operating correctly. Email Server

All systems up. The email is hosted at a company named



Please check our News and Events for any system changes and or enhancements.

We try to post any system information here as soon as we can. It is our goal to make this page as informative as we can.

The Cable Systems Team








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