Quick Facts about Cable Systems Fiber


1. What is Fiber-To-The-Home technology?
Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) technology is the delivery of information through pulses of light over a fiber optic network directly to the end-user. No other technology can match the extreme amount of information delivered by a 100% fiber optic system. Cable Systems Fiber is a 100% fiber optic network in St George.


2. How is Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) technology different than what I have now?
It’s all in the infrastructure. Cable Systems Fiber offers a 100% fiber optic connection, while companies using partial fiber systems still rely on copper wire to deliver signals over extended distances, leading to poor signal quality. Only a FTTH network can carry high bandwidth signals over long distances using light, which has no interference issues and will deliver superior products.


3. Why do I need fiber optic technology when the signals travel over my existing wiring once the information reaches my house?
Copper cabling is an efficient means of delivering information over very short distances. However, networks that rely on partial fiber-to-copper infrastructure are subjected to extreme bottlenecking of information due to a limited amount of available bandwidth. They are susceptible to interference of radio frequencies (RF) and must continuously “refresh” or strengthen the signal to deliver it to the consumer’s home. FTTH networks have virtually limitless bandwidth, which allows free flowing of information at the speed of light. Signals over fiber can travel greater distances without having to be refreshed and are not subject to RF interference.


4. What services can I receive with Cable Systems Fiber?
Our Fiber offers Video, Internet and Phone services over St George's only 100% fiber optic network.


5. How much do Cable Systems Fiber services cost?
We offer competitive products and simple, straightforward pricing for all customers. No hidden costs, no short-term promotional rates. Visit our product plan area to learn more about specific rates for services.


6. Do I have to sign a contract?
No, residential customers are not required to sign a contract, but are required to agree to a standard terms of service agreement. Customers interested in taking advantage of a special promotional offers should refer to the offer details for that particular promotion when calling.


7. How do I know if Cable Systems Fiber is available in my neighborhood?
Cable Systems fiber is now available to every home in SunRiver St George.


9. Is my fiber service going to be underground?
In all cases the fiber optic service is underground through conduits already installed to your home when it was constructed. In all cases, the fiber optic glass strands will connect directly to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) unit attached to your home that contains the connections to accommodate your home's existing wiring. This true, direct connection of fiber optics to your home makes our network 100% fiber, with no other cabling types in between.


10. Will you be digging in my yard?
In 99% of the cases there is no digging required. Some homes do require us to locate the conduit at the side of the house with a shovel with minimal disturbance. We will of course always consult the homeowner before we perform any digging.


11. What equipment will be installed at my home? Will I have to rewire my house? What will that cost?
The fiber optic lines will connect to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) attached to your home that contains the connections to utilize your home's existing telephone and TV wiring. Regardless of age of a home in SunRiver we have a solution to provide our services threoughout your home at no additonal cost. A standard service installation will be included with the purchase of services.


12. What type of Internet services are offered by Cable Systems Fiber?
Cable Systems now offers Internet service on our fiber in St George from 10mbs to 1000mbs. We have the capability to offer higher speeds and will offer these on request. We increase speeds based on the needs of our clients.


13. Does Cable Systems Fiber Internet service include Internet security?
No, our service is 100% pure internet to your home. Most clients supply a wireless router which can provide firewall services for wireless and hardwired clients.


14. What type of TV/video programming does Cable Systems Fiber offer?
The Cable Systems Fiber TV/Video programming lineup includes 200+ digital channels including local, digital, premium, and HD programming.


15. Does Cable Systems Fiber offer Video On Demand and DVR service?
Yes, Cable Systems Fiber offers a variety of programming options, including Digital Video Recording (DVR) and digital music services.


16. Will my phone service still work if the power goes off?
During an electric power failure, the phone service delivered over the Cable Systems Fiber system will rely on an Cable Systems-installed battery adjacent to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) or installed in the garage at your home. Your phone service will be available for limited emergency use from this battery. This does however require a plain old telephone to work as radio phones require home electricity. Approximate backup phone run time is 8 hours. DOnto worry about the battery as we monitor and replace them when they alarm.


17. Will my current phone still work on the Cable Systems Fiber system?
Yes, your existing phone will work on the Cable Systems Fiber system and you can keep your same phone number.


18. What phone feature options are available?
Cable Systems Fiber offers the same wide range of phone feature options you’re accustomed to, such as caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, plus many more.


19. Will I be able to call 911 on the Cable Sytems Fiber phone service?
Yes, you will be able to call 911.


20. Will my Voice, Interner and Phone all be on the same bill?
Yes. Your Cable Systems bill will include all services on one bill for simplicity. Email billing and online portal are provided including automatic credit card and checking account payments.


21. How can I let you know that I’m interested in receiving Cable Systems Fiber services?
Call us at 435-773-4900 Business hours are Mon thru Friday 8AM to 5PM Mountain Time.

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