Discover Stingray Music and enjoy a musical universe like no other! Cable Systems selected Stingray as it integrate both audio and video bringing a full experience to the music.


Continuous, commercial-free music includes a complete selection of channels covering all popular musical genres. Stingray Music offers channels that are delivered in pristine, digital-quality audio. Each channel is programmed by music professionals for a discerning audience. There are several channels in each of the genres: Rock, Pop, Country, Classic, Jazz and Stingray music. Music to match your every mood and every situation; 24/7. Use Stingray Music as the soundtrack of your life - Your Musical Universe! Here is a overview of the channels.

Adult Alternative

There’s no better way to describe this channel than alternative music that appeals to adults. Alternative in the sense of not top 40, and not your usual pop.

Classic Rock

You can’t pin a year on a classic rock song. You just know what’s a classic. This is the soundtrack to the lives of the ‘young at heart’.


There is only one word needed to describe this channel. Rock. There’s the hard kind, the hair kind, some punk kind, a dose of the classic kind, the occasional soft kind, the underground kind and the indie kind.

Rock Alternative

High energy, ground-breaking new sounds, with roots deep in the rock of ages. Feel the hard intensity of today’s best alternative rock sound and be reminded of the beginnings of grunge.

Country Classics

Now here’s a channel that’s as classic as classic comes. Your all-time favorite Country acts from years gone by.

Hot Country

It's a music scene that just keeps getting hotter. Today's Country music is on fire, and that fire is burning up the charts in Hot Country.

Dance Clubbin'

Stay home and let the club come to you. Bring the energetic rhythm of the New York, London, Miami Beach or Ibiza dance floor to your living room, with house, techno, and trance hits by Daft Punk, Avicii, Martin Solveig, Deadmau5 and more.

Easy Listening

For some light, relaxed, cheerful melodies in the background, tune to the best in easy listening music by popular artists such as the Carpenters, Barry Manilow, Bread, and more.

Flashback '70s

Polyester, platforms, Studio 54, flower power and all the outrageousness of the 70’s. Flashback to one of the most explosive decades of music history and relive Boogie Nights, Motown, Woodstock and more.

Hit List

Get the latest and the hottest chart-topping hits.

Jukebox Oldies

Diners, malt-shops, drive-ins and sock-hops. If you remember those, you’ll love Jukebox Oldies. Save your quarters, these jukebox selections are on us.

Nothin' but '90s

Here’s where it starts to get interesting again. Seattle becomes the breeding ground for a new style, a new sound. Grunge spreads while pop still reigns.

Pop Adult

Give in to your romantic and sentimental nature with the best in pop adult contemporary music, featuring hitmakers like Adele, Maroon 5, Colbie Caillat and John Mayer.

Remember the '80s

There’s lots not to forget. Relive the decade that saw the birth of music videos and MTV, when pop music was dominated by the electronic sounds of the synthesizers: Duran Duran, Michael Jackson and more.

Soul'n R&B

Get lost in the sensual, mellow rhythm of contemporary soul and R&B music, with songs from the likes of Barry White, Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass, as well as great new songs from recent artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Usher and John Legend.

Swinging Standards

Take a trip down memory lane to before the birth of rock and roll. Experience music from the magnificent big bands and vocal stars of the big band era.

The Light is a contemporary blend of christian-inspired pop/folk artists and songs infused with the spirit and the word of Christ.

Enter the provocative and rebellious world of the urban music scene, from hip hop to rap to contemporary R&B, featuring Beyoncé, Drake, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Usher and more.


Chamber Music

Another channel you’ll only find on Stingray Music. No ads, no talk, just continuous chamber music. This is the channel for the serious lover of classical music.

Classic Masters

Sophisticated, stimulating and sweeping. Classic Masters delivers the classical concertos, symphonies and ballet music from 1760 to the present.

Pop Classics

The world’s best-loved, classical melodies. Beethoven’s simple “Für Elise,” Tchaikovsky’s stirring 1812 Overture, Strauss waltzes.

Big Band

Those were the days. Relive the peak of the big band era. You’ll find them in all their swinging majesty, the big orchestra and arrangements that made music exciting.

Jazz Masters

America’s contribution to modern music. The masters of Jazz are the artists who shaped and defined this wonderful and masterful musical genre.

Jazz Now

An aural snapshot of the world of jazz today. Sit back and enjoy this intelligent and stylish blend of contemporary jazz.

Smooth Jazz

The hottest contemporary jazz artists in a smooth-flowing soundscape, featuring melodic and stylish guitars, saxophones, pianos, trumpets.

The Blues

There’s nothing more iconic than The Blues. Picture yourself on the steamy Mississippi bayou, on Beale Street in Memphis or cruising the clubs of Chicago.


Eclectic Electronic

This is electronic music for life.  From the club level to the chill and mellow. Hear all the best music from artists like Zedd, Adventure Club, Kixnare, Bobby Tank and Rudimental just to name a few.

Folk Roots

Creative and poignant songwriting, along with masterful musicianship underscore the heart of Folk Roots.


Come to the Jammin’ island of Jamaica to explore the roots and various off-shoots of reggae and other island music.

Kids' Stuff

The world’s best children’s entertainers and storytellers. Kids’Stuff is up to snuff for story time, sing-along time or just listening to your favorites from Disney films and other music aimed at youngsters.

Latino Tropical

The compelling summer feel of today’s hottest salsa, rumba and tropical stars including Marc Anthony, Ana Gabriel, etc.

The Chill Lounge

Come and chill out at The Chill Lounge. The hip, swanky, and groovy sounds of soft electronica, trip hop, acid jazz and downtempo.

The Spa

Calm your soul, pacify your body and inspire your mind with purely instrumental electro-acoustic music.

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