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We are here to help but there are many things you can do yourself to correct a problem. We suggest you try a few of these items to see if you connection self corrects. Our plant is fiber optic and is extremely reliable. 99.99% of the time a simple router reset can solve the problem. If you disconnect and move your router or computer please be familiar with the places cables are plugged into.


#1 My Internet is Out!

The number #1 issue when customers claim their internet out is they NEED to restart their router (wireless or otherwise). You can do so by removing the round black power connector and reinserting it into the router this will reboot the device. Test the internet on your device.


#2 Some steps to correct.

If you experience what you think is an internet outage please DO NOT start changing the cables all around. Do the reboot first in #1.  Try the internet. Reboot the computer in question and test. If you have multiple devices connected to the itnernet and they work all but one. This is not an internet outage this is a problem with that indvidual item. If it is wireless make sure it is connected to your router wirelessly.


#3 More steps for internet issues.

The internet is out at your home. Can you plug directly into the wall outlet? If you can do so. If the internet starts working then there is an issue with your router.


#4 Know your router

Spend the few minutes ahead of time to observe what lights are on your router and what they mean. Make a note on a sheet of paper i.e. Power light Green; Internet Icon Green; connected devices in port 1,2,3,4 are they green? Simple steps to prepare ahead to be able to communicate what the icons on your router mean and what it menas to you.


#5 Slow speed My internet speed is slow and i need it corrected. Your internet speed is provisioned by our system based on your service plan. What you plug into the system can affect the performance.


For example a client complains about internet speed we proceed to the home and test the speed. It tests good as it always does at the port on the fiber terminal. THat is where our responsibility stops. A typical example we unplug the AppleTV appliance and the speed comes back. We do not provide internet speed above all your connected devices. Also we do not support all of the thousand of devices that connect to your internet connection.


#6 Speed test My speed is 19.8 and not 20. I want that fixed. We consider this a successful test of internet speed. Please understand many factors go into a speed test and it is not perfect but should be in the vicinity of the target speed. We provide speeds up to the rate described. We maintain exces capacity on our connection 5 times the maximum consumption of all our clients. There is no over subscription. If you take the time to look at our upload speed we provide upload many times faster than any other provider.



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