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Cable Systems has sold it internet and telephone service with the fiber network to InfoWest.We continue to provide Video service over the InfoWest fiber network.


We expect to be more responsive to your calls once we complete the turn over of internet and voice services to InfoWest. All services are up on Cable Systems 10G network.


On March 20, 2024 our main telephone number ports to a new service platform. Please be patient as we switch to our new system for phones.When complete we will post the results here.Port was successful so our numbers have moved.

Testing KUPX ION channel.


We will start testing channels for guide data discrepancies, we will note the results below.


7-KUED Guide says Royal Dr Flying channel has cartoon.appears to be Curious George KUED website indicates programming is curious George not what our guide says.

Will try Kued-DT-1 ticket to guide provider 3/18/24 UPDATE Ch 7 Guide data seems to be corrected now. OK


9-KUED-DT2 is OK


Pac12 Networks discrepancies 3-19
















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