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Infrared remote what does this mean? It means the remote control needs line of sight to the TV and the set top box to work properly. The remote does not work through pillows etc.


The volume does not work on my remote. Press the white TV button at the top of the remote now up/down volume and it will work.


My TV says NO VIDEO. Your TV is on and the set top box is probably off.(Out of Synch) Check the set top red light or green light on DVRs. If the power(red light) is off on set top box. Turn the TV off using the button on the tv or press TV on the remote and then the  power button. Now both the set top and the TV are off. Press System and the remote will start both units.


My TV says input is cable or antenna. You need to change the input on the TV to one of the HDMI inputs.  On the Cable Systems remote control in the lower left hand corner locate the video source button. Press the button once and see if the TV says it changed the input. Press again each time until the TV is on the correct input. Then your television will show our programming usually on one of the HDMI inputs.


I only see HD programs. Pressing the guide button rolls through choices of HD only, Favorites(if you have made a favorite), Subscribed, and All(All channels). Stop at ALL and the guide will now display ALL channels.


To record a program. Press the REC button with the red dot on the remote control.


To watch a recorded program. Press Menu (Blue button) Then using the arrow button navigate Left or Right to the PVR choice. Then press the OK/Sel button.


To pause Live TV. Press the pause button. To resume press play. If you have paused for sometime you should fast forward through the commercials.


To fast forward faster. Fast forward press repeatively which increases the speed of the Fast Forward.


How do i use the set top boxes functions? Download the User guide on the Support page.



Cable Systems Remote Control Guide Amino Remote
Black amino remote button explanation
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*** New Channel Guide Operation and Recording Manual 2018 ***
This is the manual for our new channel guide and whole home recording cloud DVR. Also information on OnDemand etc.
IPTV User Guide -05022018.pdf
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