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Problems with Data ? Please reboot your wireless device and or router. Please remember data speeds over wireless are much less than direct connect speeds.Please remember older routers cannot do the faster speeds over wireless.




Update on Video


As a backgrounder the US Government moved some frequencies (less than 4 gigahertz) reserved for satelite dishes to the cellular 5G environment. This has caused an update of the equipment and receivers for virtually every television channel we carry. This has some problems and we apologize for any inconvenience but it is out of our control.


FNC = Fox News Channel.


The new FNC receiver which handles FNC, FBN, FS1, FS2 and BTN channels was remotely updated with new configuration as a result of some satellite changes. This change was not compatible with our settings. It took many calls to Fox to find the right engineer to fix the problem on Sunday at 10:30. First it appeared to be a hardware problem with LNB, cabling, and power supply.


No equipment was faulty which we originally thought. A configuration parameters cleared the problem.


We additionally have a new receiver going into service for AT&T sports soon as it is now part of Warner Discovery Media. Discovery merged with Warner Media which owned Turner and HBO. HBO has a new receivers and Turner has a new receiver also. Most of which was part of the Directv merger at AT&T.



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