System Status 


        Video Up

        Data up

        Phone up.


Problems with Data ? Please reboot your wireless device. Please remember data speeds over wireless are much less than direct connect speeds.Please remember older routers cannot do the faster speeds over wireless.




Update on Video



Ch 19 Movies was changed to ION mystery by KUCW. We have suspended the channel until we can get up to date guide data for ION mystery.




FoxNews and Fox Business outage. Fox new equipment has a primary and a backup connection on different satelites. They are doing maintenance on their primary satelite our backup connection has problems. Our technicians have been unable to fix this connection. We are waiting on an outside technician to be scheduled.


Fox had been informed of our difficulties and switched us back to the back up feed until we get our other feed fixed. So Fox News and Fox Business are back up but still not working properly.. The work around has left 32 FNC and 54 FBN and 55 Fs2 they are audio/video skipping these are a result of Fox not switching the channels back correctly.


Temporary choices Newsmax Channel 104 and One America News Channel 105 broadcast similar content. I just enabled Channel 110 Newsy another news channel.



Please remember Ch3 is NBC Vegas and Ch 508 ABC Vegas Ch 509 Fox Vegas and Ch 510 CBS Vegas are on the system in case there is a problem with our SLC local channel feeds .













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