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On 2/11/2019 Cable Systems experienced the following issue:


Cable Systems is experiencing a cable channel outage. There is no estimated time to repair. There is no additonal information. There is only information they are aware and working the issue.


Our carrier has an outage between denver and saint george utah. We have an active tickets with the carrier.


Cable channels down in Saint George(affects analog channels in Lake Las Vegas)


Channels also down are locals from SLC. I restored Ch 4 and 5 from Saint George antanna channels 404 and 405 still originate in SLC and are down.


We appreciate your patience. We will endeavor to update this website. Please remember the information we receive is limited.


2/11/2019 9:32 AM No additional info available. 

2/11/2019 9:49 AM Locals all back up in Saint George Connectivity was able to be rerouted around a fiber cut while it is being repaired. No update on cable channels yet


2/11/2019 10:52AM The cable channel outage is due to a fiber cut in utah. We are told repair crews are onsite working the issue. No ETR is available yet we will update as soon as we have more information.


2/11/2019 12:36PM No update on splicers repairing line.We expect service to be restored once they complete the fiber repair. We would hope it will be by 3PM.


2/11/2019 12:58PM Update from Carrier is that the fiber cut was in Gunlock Utah. (West of Saint George)  They are still working on it on the repair.


2/11/2019 Current update: A pole replacement was required, crews are working on that now, to complete the repairs which has extended the downtime. ETR is 4:30 PM MT from thje carriers ticket system.


2/11/2019 524 update. Current update: The power company has completed the repairs and has the new pole set up. Splicing work was delayed due to this work however crews are splicing at this time and anticipate being done within the hour. ( Direct from the carrier)


2/11/2019 Carrier update. All the live fibers are spliced and service should be restored at this time, please confirm. Crews are not hands off but do not expect and any further disruption to services. Please standby for the final updates.

Service was restored around 630PM.











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