Cable Systems makes every effort to post information here regarding outages and upgrades.There is a large amount of information posted on this website for correcting problems, configuring email, and more. Please take advantage of this information.


There are expected maintenance windows between August and end of December 2018 as we move areas over to the new fiber and TV system. We will post notices and send selective emails.


We are now about 95% migrated on network side and 60% converted on television service on Nov 21 5:00 PM.


DVR clients will end up loosing their recordings. We have OnDemand VOD offering for all subscribers.


On the new video system KJZZ was on channel 10 we have now added 408 also as that matches the old system.


Nov 21 2018 5 PM last update


Our 10Gbs circuit to Lake Las Vegas went down at 9AM 11/21/2018 we have an active ticket in with our carrier. In SR we were and are using some services from lake Las Vegas for Internet and Television. I have changed the internet options so a router or computer reboot will fix that issue. Channels that originate off satellite and not fiber are down as they are received in Lake Las Vegas. AT&T Sports HBO Cinemax WGN Cspan and Turner(CNN HLN TBS TNT TCM Cartoon Boomerang) We hope this is remedied soon. Once we have an update from the carrier i will post it.


This is channels 3 Las Vegas NBC, 18 BYUTV, 28  AT&T Sports, 37 TNT, 57 CNN, 58 CNNi, 59 HLN, 60 TBS, WGN America, 90 91 92 Cspans, 

100 Pac12 Mtn 101 Pac12 Nat 102/296 AT&T Sports las Vegas, 311 Cartoon 312 Boomerang 318 TCM 318 Trutv ,and the high defs of these channels.


Circuit outage is in SLC failed equipment and affecting many clients has a high priority  from carrier a multiplexor is out and has caused OC192 and multiple OC48s to go down. So the  problem has been found waiting on repair status.


Update 4:25 Mountain from carrier the fiber damage more significant repair expected to take much longer No e t a.


We switched to google dns and in sunriver that has an issue with once the fiber is repaired we will switch back to our servers and your equipment should update or may require a reboot. We will post the time we make the change back and any suggestions on restoring full access.


Lake Las Vegas Circuit was repaired at 6:11 PM. Channels being restored. We will change the DNS services back. This was doen my 730PM Novemeber 21, 2018.



Internet & Sunrivertoday email


Internet up. Remember 99+% of claimed internet outages are caused by the router needs a reboot or a GFI breaker in your garage tripped.


Always look at the indicator lights on your router. Know what they mean and it will help diagnose the issue.


Internet outage this week ending 9-22 was caused by an equipment failure (2 fiber ethernet switches). Replacements were configured and installed and service returned. 




All in and outbound calls are working. International free long distance up. Static on your phone 99% of the time is your old handset. To isolate the problem uplug your older handsets more than likely it will clear the problem.




All video sources are up.



 Email Server


Recently, an email client posted a message on Nextdoor. In this case the person computer was infected with Mailware and was sending spam messages out all over the world. Rackspace immediately suspends the account once the spam flood is detected. ALL INBOUND MAIL CONTINUES TO BE RECEIVED TO THE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT. We notify the customer; the customer needs to get their computer scanned and cleaned; Customer contacts us back when finished. At this time to reactivate the customers email Rackspace requires a password reset. The Customer computer was compromised and the email password could have been compromised. 

All systems up. The email is hosted at a company named


We try to post any system information here as soon as we can. It is our goal to make this page as informative as we can.


The Cable Systems Team








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