Nov 23, 2020


All systems are operational. Internet Phone Video.


Basic & Expanded channels up. 


Please remember technical support is available at


For Sunrivertoday email users: All up and running at email servers.


New channel 104 added NewsMax TV Basic

New channel 331 added EWTN Religious channel Basic

Newer channel 86  added Smithsonian Channel  Basic

Newer channel  106  Jewelry TV channel Basic

Newer channel 346 Longhorn Network Expanded Basic


This morning 11/23 Ch 6 was aok after running all evening. So we restored Ch6 and 21 and 22.


Continuing problems with KCSG Cedar City. This station is only available in St George via antenna. If their transmitter is not working then we have no signal.

We did broadcast Ch 6, 21, and 22 we have dropped Ch 21 and 22 because they cannot keep these channels up. We are considering substituting in Las Vegas versions of some of these channels stay tuned. We are now brodcasting MeTV from Las Vegas and monitoring Ch 6 signal to see when it returns. When it does come back online we will re insert it into the lineup along with the 2 sub channels.Looks like we might be able to restore Ch 6 tomorrow the 18th.


The following was a short event I have left 510 up for now just in case.

Ch 2 CBS went down a little before 5PM. They appear to be working on the signal. You can tune to Channel 510 to watch CBS in Las Vegas. We put this channel until they correct the problem please remember 1 hour delay so you will not miss anything.



400 channels where are they?

Please remember we are an all HD system so if a channel is available in HD then we broadcast the HD version. The 400 channels were redundant.












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