August 4 2020


We are experiencing internet access issues since 8am 8/4/2020. There was a fiber cut that caused this outage.


We are now running on our backup internet so internet is up in Sunriver. Only local TV channels are up. 


Lake Las Vegas internet is down.


A major fiber cut has taken place north of saint george at a construction site. Many multiple fiber cables were involved. Crews are working on the repair around the clock.


The carrier started working on splicing in the repairs at 430PM they expect to be complete by 430AM. At that time Cable channels will be restored and internet to LLV. We have no idea which bundle of fibers will get repaired first. So the ETA is 430AM.


As was mentioned in our email sent out today suggested that you stop streaming tonite. It appears that has not happened and the backup internet pipe will slow down as the capacity has been reached. There is nothing we can do until the primary internet pipe is repaired. 


 Please remember technical support is available at







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