What Do We Offer? Voice Video and Internet.




100+ HD channels for your viewing pleasure. Complete interactrive channel guide, DVR service available, set multiple favorites for channels, Set reminders, OnDemand Playback, Restart TV on select channels, Record only new programs in a series and much more. Yes we do require a box on each TV but our boxes are extremely compact compared to traditonal cable boxes. Our boxes no longer have a hard drive all recording is serviced on our central system.




Voice Unlimited long distance, caller id, call waiting, and more features. International dialing allowance included.




Internet speeds from 120 Mbs to 1Gbs. More upload speed than anywhere else in St George! Super reliable connection to the internet >99.9% uptime.

Internet speeds are up to a level. When we install we run a speed test directly on our 1 Gig equipment and prove out throughput. When we connect your network certain items may limit your ability to take advantage of our highest speeds or test our highest speeds. The type of WiFi etc. however the cumulative amount all your devices will have will be higher. We will make your internet experience the best.



Email addresses at this is a Cable Systems exclusive. These are included with all of our internet service packages.



Put your plans on hold for a reduced fee while you are out of St George. We turn the service down remotely and can call forward your phone all remotely. Put your service on hold with a simple email and have it ready when you get back with another email! One service is $9.95/mon, two services is $19.95/mon, and triple play is $24.95/mon. Little or no limitations on how many times you can go on vacation.




Downloadable channel lineup.


Channel Line UP- IPTV -Sunriver-Aug 2021
Cable Systems of Sunriver's Basic, Expanded, High Definition, and Premium channel listings.
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